A Short Story in Five Tweets

Just found out my latest ex has failed in Texas and has packed up and moved back to ATL to live at his mother's house. *cackle* — Karsh (@karsh) April 18, 2014 For those who know that story, you should know I'm getting a good HEARTY MOTHERFUCKING LAUGH right 'bout now. — Karsh (@karsh) April […]

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T-Minus Four: Very Similar Dudes

I know writing a blog post based off of a quote from┬áSex and the City is derivative and tired, but roll with me here. I think if you’ve been dating guys for at least a few years, you may find that you’re dating the same type of guy repeatedly. Sure, we all have our preferences, […]

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T-Minus Seven: Not Without A Fight

I wonder who and what I’m fighting for / maybe it’s you – Beady Belle, “Ghosts” I’ll be turning 33 in a week. When I was younger, I had a cuckoo idea that I would be happily partnered by now. Me and a mister in a nice little condo living our nice little partnered gay […]

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