Fig. 1: Accurate as fuck. (Click for the enlarged version.)

The older I get, the more I can’t deal with these gay mobile dating apps. From catty responses to straight up getting catfished, it’s a wonder anyone’s getting laid out there using these things…unless you’re an attractive, thin to muscular, able-bodied white man. The rest of us are out here fighting for scraps.

The other gotcha with these apps is that not everyone you encounter on there is single. There’s lots of couples, triads, quads, and all other permutations and configurations of relationships. And folks can be quite vocal about NOT wanting to deal with you if you’re not single.

Color me crazy, but before I gave the apps the boot, I talked to a lot of guys in couples…and we’re still talking.

It’s the ultimate no pressure situation. We hang out on weekends, we go out to dinner, we go on Costco runs…and there’s no weirdness. Plus it’s interesting seeing how different couples interact with each other and how they live together. They like to have dinner parties. Game nights. Movie nights. And more than anything, you can see how they love each other in very subtle, caring ways. It’s like the exposure to dating that I never got through traditional media as a kid.

(They also know single menfolks not on the apps, so hello matchmaker.)

Fig. 2: Ayyyyyyy!

So for this short entry, my fellow single brethren, I would caution you not to turn down someone trying to get to know you just because they’re in a couple. I mean sure, use common sense and make sure the guy’s not just skipping out on his man, but don’t count him out because he’s got a boo. There’s a way you can be friends with lovers and still get something meaningful.

That being said though…I think I’m ready for a boyfriend again.

Blame it on being around all these couples.