Fig. 1: This is where I mention the site is NSFW (unless you can view dick at work).

I’m not sure if I gave any kind of a formal post about this, but guess who’s back on a regular blogging gig?

You can check out my semi-regular interviews on Manhunt Daily here:

Just recently, I did an interview with Kenneth Walsh of kenneth in the (212) about his new book “Wasn’t Tomorrow Wonderful? A Memoir.” He was great to talk to, and the book is pretty good too. (And for you lovers of man flesh, there’s a pretty nice shot of Thomas Roberts‘ ass.)

I’ve also interviewed several porn stars: Sean Zevran, Jay Landford, Christopher Daniels, Scott Hunter, and Isaac Hardy. All of them are really stand-up guys with interesting perspectives on their work. I mean, it’s not just fucking on camera, you know.

I’ve got my own personal wishlist of folks I’d like to interview, but who would you like to hear from? I’m trying to talk to at least two people a month, but finding contact information to reach them is not easy (unless you count Twitter, and I hate soliciting interviews over Twitter).

Send me a tweet and let me know! Also, if you’re on Manhunt, let me know and you can be our Manhunt Man of the Week!

Fig. 2: Don't be shy, boo. We're getting 1 million pageviews a week.

Fig. 2: Don’t be shy, boo. We’re getting 1M pageviews a week. Hit me up!