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A Door Marked Exit


Fig. 1: I’m ready to make a break for it.

So far, 33 ain’t been a crystal stair.

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Check Me Out on Manhunt Daily


Fig. 1: This is where I mention the site is NSFW (unless you can view dick at work).

I’m not sure if I gave any kind of a formal post about this, but guess who’s back on a regular blogging gig?

You can check out my semi-regular interviews on Manhunt Daily here: http://manhuntdaily.com/tag/karsh

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Stepping into my Jesus year.

T-Minus One: You Must Not Know ‘Bout Me

I always try to do these T-Minus posts ten days before my birthday. I like to think of them as my small way of getting some shit off my chest so I can rocket into my next year of existence.

But lately, I’m wondering if it’s even worth it. (Bear with me, because this is about to be a bit rambling and might not make a whole lot of sense.)

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T-Minus Two: Entry-Level Dating

Fig. 1: ♫ ♪ Tale as old as time / song as old as rhyme / “so whatchu get into?” ♫ ♪

While I may be ready for a boyfriend again, I don’t think I’m going to find him through online dating. I’ve been on countless dates, had five relationships, none of them really serious…if I were a baseball player, they’d have shipped my Black ass to the minor leagues by now. But because I am a sucker for love (and because I’m not getting any younger), I begrudgingly am back out there on the prowl again thanks to the goading of a buddy of mine in Dallas.

And of all the places to get back out there in the fray, I chose fucking OKCupid.

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