I love the start of a new year. For me, it’s always been another chance to get things right. Or in some cases to keep the streak going from a good year before.

Even with all the craziness going on in the world last year, 2015 was good to me. I lost a big client, gained a bigger client, traveled a bit for work, made some good money…overall, I can’t complain. But if there’s one word I’d use to describe the year as a whole, it would be work.

Like…so much work. I pulled all nighters, worked weekends back-to-back for months, and even created more work for myself at times when I felt I needed more to do. 2015 was definitely the year I reached the upper bounds of my work ethic threshold. I think it paid off for me professionally, but personally?

Ryan Nickulas of 'The A-List" New York' saying "No, girl."

Fig. 1: My friends will tell you — the ones that are still around.

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What do black gay 30-something men care about?


I didn’t expect to take that long of a blogging break. But shit happens, y’know? Business has been steady, I had some family deaths to deal with (one of which I did blog about), my mom retired, I took a couple of trips, started some new projects, dated a few boys…shit’s been busy. It’s not an excuse or an explanation — it just is what it is.

In time, I’ll write about how the last 9+ months have been. There’s no shortage of blog posts, that’s for damn sure.

And yet, when I pull up WordPress…

Fig, 1: Accurate.


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